Not entirely sure that Honduras deserves it’s own separate page on our blog as we had less than 24 hours there.  That wasn’t the original plan, as we had initially decided to skip El Salvador and spend more time in Honduras,  heading up to the Bay Islands and diving in Utila or Ruotan as well as adventuring through some less well known but apparently beautiful parts of the country.  Sadly for us and for Honduras, the election results caused a period of instability – roadblocks, fires and protests that meant we changed our plans.  This is less because we thought we would be in danger and more because we had the container deadline to meet and if we ended up stuck somewhere behind a roadblock for any length of time we would risk seeing less of the rest of Central America, and at the worst, letting down our ‘freight friends’.  We also realised that our Spanish was not at a level to talk our way out of a paperbag, let alone a more volatile situation.


So the Honduras dash it was… many travellers still make the decision to drive through Honduras in a day – it is the murder capital of the world after all although mostly gang related and no a real threat to tourists I can see why people may be put off.  We decided that we should at least stay one night – which wasn’t our best decision (financially)… the short route goes through a very flat, very hot part of the country without a great deal to appreciate en route.  We crossed from El Salvador into Honduras with ease – $35 and 4 photocopies of every document possible later, camped in the carpark of a hotel for the princely sum of $20 who let us use their pool (at 38C happy days) and got to the Nicaraguan border around 8.30 the next morning.  Fires were burning across the road, protestors were hanging around with faces covered, police and army boys (they were so young!) stood around watching and assured us that the protests would finish at 9am and we would be on our way soon.  Which we were.  Still no border dramas to complain about, dammit!

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