Central America – in a nutshell

7 countries, 4 628 kilometres and not enough days….here are our best facts and figures on this amazing part of the world.

Nights in the tent: 35 (under a roof – 6, on a boat – 5)

Favourite campsite:  Pasaj Cap, Lake Atitlan

Photocopies of Richard’s passport in random immigration files across the region: 22

Turtles saved (for at least a few hours more of life) 500+

Mosquitos fed: 13 746 (or thereabouts)

Artisan cheeses tasted: 26 (24 were on one plate)

Earliest morning: 3.45am   Having camped 3600m up Acatenango we started the climb to the summit at 4am.  This also wins the award for the hardest hike ever.

Latest night: A 3am finish after playing Risk with our Dutch hosts on Christmas Day

Illegal immigrants transported: 1 (a gecko travelled inside the tent from Belize to Guatemala, still don’t like to think about how long he may have been in there!)

Most random moments:

  • Dancing Santa in EL Salvador – see our Instagram for quite how random
  • Being serenaded by Arturo, a tenor, whose restaurant garden we camped in in Panama and who put on a performance for us and 3 French cyclists
  • Being assured that our car would be safe outside the hotel in Panama City – because the owner was ‘a very dangerous man’.


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