Back to School

Good news (in case anyone was concerned) I survived my 24 hour bug and was soon back on my feet in time to meet up with Rachel and John (the slowest moving travelers we have met so far) plus friends for our last night in La Paz.

Our crossing to Mazatlán was smooth in every way, including the perfunctory ‘search’ of the car at the ferry terminal.  Very glad we went with a cabin as one of the best night sleeps and showers to date!  After a brief wander around Mazatlán where we became quite popular with the cruise ship crowd who all seemed surprised to see a Canadian plated car in Mexico,  we headed south and up to Santa Maria del Oro.  DSC_4416A charming village surrounding  a lake, where it was a much cooler 25 degrees. 1 night turned into 2 which might have had something to do with the margaritas and ‘fish nuggets’.  There is something quite strange about watching the sun go down over a volcanic crater lake whilst listening to Wagner followed by AC/DC – an eclectic random music selection!!

Refreshed, we set off towards Guadalajara stopping only to drive up a volcano (well it was there) and sample the delights of Tequila.  Apparently, there are 7 virtues of Tequila, I suspect they mean the region not the drink but we can’t say it tastes any better here!  Still, it’s a delightful town.

gto 18
1 tequila, 2 tequila, 3 tequila, floor!

With our usual good timing we arrived in Guadalajara in time for Friday rush hour!  Boy, were we glad to make it to our motel.  The next day we hit the sights of the city, art museums, plazas, markets and cathedrals abound.

The Tlakquepaque district is very arts and crafty and full of colour, street cafes and bars ideal for people watching and  green cheese fondue!!

Next stop Guanajuato ready for class on Monday.  Guanajuato, imagine an old European town full of twisting roads and narrow alleys buried in a steep valley… then paint the surrounding homes the brightest blue, pink, and lime green and the cathedrals bright yellow.  You get the idea? Colour is what it’s all about here!

We have spent 2 weeks at school here, with some very lovely and patient teachers in classes with no more than 3. We have mostly got our heads around the past and present tenses with Rich enjoying? having to hark back to his days of Latin lessons and conjugations.  However; how to know if a verb is irregular… God only knows! We definitely should have done some more homework but as ever have been easily distracted by cooking lessons (soup of purest green anyone?), the last week of the highly renowned Cervantes Fiesta (Chilean hop hop), and Dia de los Muertos this week.

gto 19

We also might have lead a few of the other students astray; if L’Escuala will provide us with a balcony and blender – then of course we’re going to have a party and make margaritas!!  We may have run out of mixer a little early….

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