LA & San Diego

LA – Indeed a place that must be seen… but ideally not driven around! Arriving at Fi’s after a good stint of national parks was bliss.. especially when a glass of ice cold bubbly is in your hand moments after getting out of the car AND lasagne has been made as the special arrival meal! Daft as it may sound, a few days just to hang out, watch telly and relax with the best hostess was wonderful. We rode beach cruisers from Redondo to Manhattan Beach- checking out a few bars in-between, had a day at Universal Studios (loved the rides but still can’t believe my god-daughter didn’t scare her socks off in the Harry Potter one!) and did the tourist meander around Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Venice Beach. Also managing to fit in some bits and pieces hopefully to Central America proof the car.

We had called upon the expertise of Bill and Patti, who we had met in Alaska, in order to recommend someone who could help us wire our solar and spare battery up when we got to San Diego. They had very kindly offered us a place to stay when we came down this far… but I hope they still meant it now we are here! I am, at present, ensconced on their sofa sorting photos, blogs and Baja destinations while Rich and Bill are in his amazing garage sorting our wiring. With the weight of the new battery I am not sure the car is ever going to move again…but at least our fridge will be forever cold! Fingers crossed we will get to see a little more of San Diego tomorrow before crossing the border on Wednesday.

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