Sequoia & Kings Canyon NPs – (29/8 – 31/8)

Eastward bound from the coast we left the marine layer (fog to you and me) behind and headed to Sequoia NP. Not much of note along the drive except it is dry, flat and very hot.  Arriving at the park entrance near dusk we realised it would take more than an hour to reach our intended campsite, but luckily the nearest park site had space and more importantly a creek.  A dip in the creek later and a cold glass of white wine poured (love it when the fridge does its thing!) we were feeling refreshed.  The feeling did not last, overnight lowest temperature was 28 degrees.  A sign of things to come…..

kimgs 4

We are saying this a lot but the parks here are stunning, and the Giant Forest Museum area is no exception. Although just one part of the park it contains some of the largest trees in the park and world.  Having driven the car through a tree we hiked to Morro Rock for fabulous (smoke hazy) views, on to crescent Meadow and finally the General Sherman Grove, home to the worlds largest tree.   Along the way we saw countless examples of these stunning trees who’s sheer size and longevity is mind blowing.

Our wild camp for the evening turned out to be occupied by John and his 2 Chihuahuas, Fluffy & Tuffy. but despite his initial reservation we joined him for the evening.  John turned out to be a survivalist, cannabis farmer and very friendly if somewhat eccentric.  Another creek, another swim – it beats a shower!

Leaving John, Fuffy and Tuffy, we headed to Kings Canyon. Another stunning drive as the road hair-pinned (not a real word??) down to the canyon floor and the rushing river.  A shortish hike only due to the heat (and pesky midges)  but what a refreshing swim.  Not having had quite enough of trees we paused briefly at the worlds 2nd largest tree en route to Death Valley…………… How hot can it be???

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