After a long day at the wheel we eventually arrived at crane flat campground where the Baughs were staying as part of their holiday.  We brazenly drove past the camp ranger and found their spot, cracked open a beer and awaited their arrival.  Then didn’t leave for 3 days! Having conquered the Cathedral Lake hike on the Tioga Rd easily on Saturday we spoke to a thoroughly over enthusiastic ranger who suggested we could tie 3 of the best hikes around Yosemite village into one the next day. (4 mile, panorama and mist trails for those in the know) So off we set, armed with skittles,  gummy bears and sandwiches and all the other necessities to get 3 children, their parents and us along a 34km hike… with the first 7 being straight up hill!

Needless to say, even with smoke haze, the views across to El Capitan, Half Dome, Yosemite Falls were just stunning.  The munchkins were intrepid and the Branston pickle in our sandwiches saw us though.

Monday was eclipse day and after some deliberation we decided the campsite was as good a place as any to watch.   I failed in being teacherly as I couldn’t whip up a pin hole camera McGyver style so we sufficed with wearing 2 pairs of sun glasses each and adults breathing a sigh of relief that there was a fair bit of cloud around. As you can see, some were more interested than others…

We then had to tear ourselves away from the excellent company and head onwards once again.   So lovely to see some familiar faces and as we always seem to be, indebted to them for the biggest jar of Branston pickle in existence and the ability to ‘disappear’ a few items that had been deemed excess baggage back to the UK.


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