‘Well, ain’t that the darn cutest little tree house I ever saw.’ A line that will now forever sum up one side of the many faceted Montana, a state the size of Germany- just with 79 million less people.  Ken and Rachel owned the dilapidated camper we chose as the least scary option to put up camp next to at hungry horse reservoir, our stop for the night.  We successfully navigated past the ‘trump is going to make a difference’ conversation and on to beer and trucks, safer territory until Rich was offered a decal for the car with images of a cross, a horse and a gun’ (apparently the order is important).  In actual fact, they couldn’t have been friendlier, and we had a lovely float on the reservoir courtesy of their lilos.

Backtracking, another facet of this amazing state… we arrived into the US straight into  Glacier National Park, yet more mountains, lakes and trees but as stunning as anything so far and had a fabulous hike to Iceberg Lake – with real icebergs in 30 degrees. The road to the sun is claimed to be one of the top drives in the world.  Sadly, we didn’t see it at its best with low cloud and continuing smoke haze so we consoled ourselves with 2 large slices of huckleberry pie.  montana 1

A stop to take a photo of a road sign for Ronan led to a day out in real small town ‘murica, complete with street parade and their annual rodeo… including wild bison desperately trying to unseat those crazy enough to try and ride them 8 seconds was the longest). We are now convinced that a pair of cowboy boots each are essential to our wardrobes and I certainly need more diamanté on my jeans. Thanks for that Mr Armstrong, not that you’d really give 2 hoots about your name being spotted on an American town.

Onto Missoula, a relaxed university outdoorsy town, and a night in an airbnb. To be honest we both felt that a night in a proper bed was long overdue (7 weeks) but this was booked more so we could get various amazon deliveries, tricky when you’re on the move.  We are now the owners of a fridge that is probably worth as much as the car but have saved ourselves at least $600 in buying ice over the next year… our hosts were the other end of the political spectrum to Ken ( he left for a week to protest the north dakota pipeline and came back 5 months later).  Bliss to have carpet under our feet and a proper bed!
We took the opportunity to get the car serviced and a few bits checked out… always good to have brakes and air con that works.  Would have loved to stay longer but places to go, people to see!

We’re now on to the drive from Missoula to Yellowstone, ( via the Little Bighorn Battlefield ‘coz we saw it on the map and why not throw in a 200 mile diversion).  We are now well out of the mountains and driving through real ‘little house on the prairie’ countryside, a description which leaves Richard blank, and he’s probably not the only one of you so…rolling yellow hills with occasional pockets of greenery around homesteads and along the Yellowstone River which the highway follows for hundreds of miles.

Pics to be added when I’m not sat outside the county courthouse sapping their wifi.

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