Adios Canada…

As you can see our Spanish is progressing rapidly, we’re on chapter 17 (of 34) and quite confident of being able to reserve a table and order a bottle of wine! Job done!!?

We have finally come to the end of our Canadian adventure; 11500Km, 2 new tyres, $500 dollars over budget and almost 1000 photos to cull. We’ve seen more trees than we knew was possible and the most amazing scenery, especially since we hit the Rockies. Everywhere we have been the roof-tent gets more attention than we do, and leads to some great conversations. Without it we’d be lonely…..:)
We’ve had some great hikes in the last few days in Jasper and Yoho NPs, culminating in a fabulous 20Km walk from Lake Louise to the Plain of 6 Glaciers, via Lake Agnes. This turned out much better than it should have as due to our incompetence neither of us taken money to buy the lunch we planned at the Tea house, but we fell in with the lovely Astrid and Chris from Vienna who kindly shared their lunch with us under a waterfall up at 2500metres. You guys are great, (as were the beers in the Fairmont hotel.) Sadly Banff was a little hazy, not for the usual reasons (we’d not been to the pub) but because of the smoke from nearby BC forest fires, which have been burning for 3 weeks. A productive day was had of laundry and reorganising the car, it has even had its first wash! Lower 48 here we come!!

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