The night of mosquito hell

After a lovely sunny day in Whitehorse, walking out to see the world’s longest fish ladder… yes, really! and having elk and bison burgers in the oldest building in town, we headed past the supermarket and out to find a spot for the night –  having blown the budget on lunch and been guilted into paying $12 to spend 5 minutes in the old log church. (We’re still struggling to recognise anything as actually ‘old’ – the snobbery of being European I suppose!)

However, having hit the road for a few kms, and checked on iOverlander, our new bible, we cut up a side road towards a first nation community called Champagne (no bubbly in sight but some quite cool totem poles made out of hubcaps). We decided the flies were too bad at our first stop so moved on to see a track up to a transmitter station and thought it would be ideal. Views were stunning, the sun was still out and we mossie sprayed up and sat down with our kindles… being the sociable types we are. Evening doesn’t exactly fall at the moment, which we’re still getting used to… and we eventually turned in for the night well after 11… or at least tried to. A couple of mossies appeared to have turned in with us. They were swiftly dispatched to their next life and sleep was upon us… until the whine of a couple more meant sitting up again and dispatching them onward. And so it continued, 2 or 3 at a time for the next hour. Literally dozens were clinging onto the mesh windows and we are still mystified how they were getting in. Rich gave up at about 1, moving to sleep in the car, though from the rocking and rolling as he tried to kill off their comrades below let me know he wasn’t doing much better than me! To cut a long story short, we gave up at 4am (the sun was just rising), packed up and headed down the hill to Haines Junction.

I now delight at the roadkill that decorates the front of the car and windscreen.

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