26th – 30th June Vancouver Island

The BCOR was followed by a madcap 36 hours – back to Van to meet Joey – Richard’s now a buncle (bonus uncle) and lunch out with Freddy and Susie (out from England), up to Squamish to see Nicole and Todd from Malawi days (thanks so much for dinner, the bed and your washing machine), back into Van for a few errands and the evening ferry over to Nanaimo on Vancouver Island.  A whistle-stop visit to Tofino didn’t really do it justice, but we managed an expensive beer in the sunshine (saw a bald eagle) and visited as many beaches as you can in less than 24 hours.  We also saw our first black bear en route – so all worthwhile!

Cathedral Grove

Back over to Mount Washington with a plan to slow it all down somewhat and have 2 nights in one place… so we chose a logging road just off the Forbidden Plateau.  Absolutely stunning and after the first (and only) car came past and didn’t send us packing we enjoyed our first wild camp, up to the point when the midges sent us packing to our tent for an early night.  Took on our first major hike in Strathcona Provincial Park in glorious sunshine. 

More snow-capped mountains, babbling brooks, alpine meadows and 20km or so of sometimes snow-covered trails.  Point of reference (JJCA) Vancouver Island’s highest point is 2,200m and it’s been a particularly marshmallowy year 😉.  Having set up home again on another logging road – tent was up, table was out, a ute pulled up and out jumped a chap offering us some trout he’d caught that afternoon as, ‘my wife and I don’t like it much’.  Over to Richard for the gutting – only to find they were already filleted. Result.  Dinner was a stack better than we expected it to be.  Onwards and upwards to the north of the island via Telegraph Cove to Port Hardy… no logging roads to hide out on so one step better… why not just park up and camp in the ferry port – ready for the 6am departure!  We provided a great talking point for the RVs and trucks around us as they arrived over the course of the night, not sure they registered that canvas walls aren’t soundproof and I was happy to provide them with a list of brands available locally should they so require.   P1020354

Things we have learnt so far:

  • Every day is sunny when you’re camping (so far).
  • The tent attracts interest everytime we erect it, even to hummingbirds.
  • We can have a $2 day.
  • Food tastes better outside, particularly when its free. 😊

One comment

  1. This all sounds fab and amazing, it’s like reading a dream! Glad the tent is working out. Love the mental image of daily re-orgs. Keep the posts coming!


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