22nd -25th June BCOR

We had seen an ad for the inaugural British Columbia overland rally on Facebook before we left the UK and thought it would be a good way to induct ourselves into overlanding life even more so as they were inviting international travellers for free!  It was a fantastic few days of 4×4 driving, winching, 12v electronic and outdoor cooking classes and enough kit to make every overlander green with envy – and broke. As someone said, you are always $2000 dollars away from the perfect vehicle (make that about $75000 if you check out the XXXXX vans).   Each evening there was a raffle around the campfire and I won a 2.5m awning for an RV… a brilliant prize, if we had been driving the average size car at the rally – unlike our ‘little’ 4Runner. Luckily, Matt from kakaducamping.com happily exchanged it for a 2m one which is now perfectly attached to the side of the car.  (Thanks, Ali & Steve… still think you should drive down and join us somewhere!)  We have been really lucky to meet some brilliant people so early on in our trip. 

Things we have learnt so far:

  • Cars get big here – really big!
  • 12V electronics are best left to someone else
  • We need a fridge
  • Our ‘little’ car does pretty well off-road

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