20th -22nd June – Our first ventures

So a little bit of a flurry of posts as we are catching up having found a decent connection.

It was time to leave the comfort of Freddy and Kelly’s flat (and they wanted to come home!) we drove up Highway 99 – the aptly named sea to sky highway.  A road with stunning views and a variety of waterfall based stops; eventually reaching Whistler – where the promised sun came out.  We had left it a bit late to take the gondola up the mountain so enjoyed a beer at the foot of the slopes and watching the mountain bikers hurl themselves to the bottom.  We camped at a lovely little site just outside Pemberton called Nairn Falls.  First night in the roof tent was a success – and we’ll stick with it – for the time being!  The sun was shining on Wednesday as we headed to Joffre Lakes, a hike that had been recommended (having reorganised the car again… think there might be more of this to come!)   Beautiful lakes, snow-capped mountains, and more trees than you can shake a stick at.   We set out fully equipped as all good scouts should, same can’t be said for the trail of Japanese tourists ahead of us in Chanel espadrilles.  Still we all made it back alive

Onto a small town called Lillooet – the driest town in BC – where it tried to rain – but failed. The only 2 things to note in the town (other than hot showers in the campsite) are an excellent winery and artisan bakery…we put both to the test.

Things we have learnt so far:

  •  Fuel prices change dramatically by location and time of day
  • Trains are around 1km long
  • It seems to take a while to get going in the morning – due to complete car reorganisation daily
  • Canadians are alarmingly polite and friendly


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