Packing carnage

The car is ready (we hope) and waiting for us.  Iona and Phil, the Aussies we have bought it from, have left us a stack of things to get started… water and fuel containers, a 2 ring burner, grill and lots of other basics.  So we are left to decide about the ins and outs of electronics and whether 4 cameras between us is overkill.

Having gone into a tailspin about inverters and extra batteries and solar panels I did have a brief thought that we could go electronic free.  Then I remembered who I am… and anyway, how else could we update you with smug photos of mountains and cocktails and the inside of our panama jail cell.

So in the meantoverland-4x4-van-off-road-camping-5ime, I shall leave you with a picture of a ‘camping bar’  Essential for every outdoor occasion but sadly as yet unavailable from amazon in the UK.  (Baughs, I am challenging you to fit that in your trailer!)

A shout out to Sam Rule and Jell – our first ever followers!


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